Curriculum & Lesson Planning

Presenter: Jeff Lulla
Date: Friday, August 25, 2017
Time: 8:30am – 9:45am
Discipline: All

In gymnastics the standard for teaching is based on progressions.  We call these progressions “curriculum”.  And when progressions are properly utilized, learning becomes easier, safer and within the boundaries of the legal duty professional instructors are required to follow.  Maintaining records of when skills are introduced and learned, referred to as “skill tracking”, provides both a method of rewarding and reinforcing achievement as well as a system for defending claims of negligence in the event an injury occurs.

When teaching children, “how you teach”, can be at least as important as “what you teach” if you want to keep kids enrolled.  Instructors are challenged to use creativity to create exciting lesson plans – recipes for how we teach with curriculum skills as key ingredients and teaching methods (games, drills, themes, props, etc.) as the spice that flavors our lessons.

In this presentation we will discuss;

  1. Teaching with progressions and how to de-construct skills into basic and achievable parts to create success and safety.
  2. Lesson plan formats – from greeting to dismissal, what makes for a successful class recipe
  3. Using technology to track skills taught, achieved and awarded.